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Deal of the Century (1983)

Genre: comedy

Starring: Chevy Chase, Sigourney Weaver, Gregory Hines

Director: Bud Yorkin

A group of arm dealers tries to sell weapons to a dictator.


It depends.

If You are a die-hard Chevy Chase fan, or 80s fun, sure. You can have it.

But... if You're simply looking for a comedy and laughs You should avoid it. It's unfunny, there's are NO LAUGHS.

It's supposed to be a comedy. But it's really not. Who ever knows what this movie is, and is about, and what was the reason it was made should get a Noble prize.

It's main problem and only problem is the story.

It's totally uninteresting. You won't care about the characters and what's going on. There's no comedy, no drama, no real goals to follows.
There's scenes that are probably supposed to be funny, but they don't really work.

On the other hand...

It has good actors and GOOD ACTING.

It's pretty well directed at most times ( excluding scenes of air fi…

Fletch lives (1989)

Genre: comedy

Starring: Chevy Chase, Hal Holbrook, Julianne Phillips, Randal "Tex" Cobb, Richard Libertini, Cleavon Little, Patricia Kalember

Directed by: Michael Ritchie

An investage reporter from LA quits his job when he learns that his aunt left him a plantation in Louisiana in her will. Hovewer, as soon as he gets there, he realizes that it's not what he's expected... and that local swamps hide more secrets and crime too.


I'm not sure. Honestly, being a fan of the first movie in the Fletch series, I didn't like the strange mix of crime and humor that is shown in this installment.

The original Fletch didn't even try to hide that it was a bit of a self-parody at time. But here I'd say they've managed to jump a shark.

The way our hero keeps his jokes a minute after an innocent woman is brutally murdered is NOT funny at all, and it ruins the rest of the movie, because of such actions.
Well, there is of course plenty of…

Fletch (1985)

Genre: comedy

Starring: Chevy Chase, Tim Matheson, Dana Wheeler-Nicholson, Richard Libertini, Geena Davis, George Wendt

Directed by: Michael Ritchie

Script by: Andrew Bergman


A newspaper reporter goes undercover to write an article about drug trafficking in Los Angeles, when a total stranger offers him money to... kill him. No wonder that this quickly becomes an even more interesting story... and a more deadly too.



It's a classic You don't wonna miss!

It's a bit complicated though, as for a comedy, as there is a lot of investigation, and a bit of thriller in it as well.
Still, Chevy does a great job, and even when his life is put at risk, he can't stop make viewers laugh.

It may seem a bit unrealistic because of it, he's not that much of an investigate reporter, as he's never serious in what he's doing.

Still, it's something I bought and enjoyed. And it will enterain You as well, for sure.

There's a pretty nice cast, to…